Nicky Hoberman

February 19 – March 27, 2004

Press Release

Nicky Hoberman is well known for her paintings of large-faced figures placed against flat backgrounds in shallow spaces. Her subjects often appear fixed in internally focused psychologies, separated from each other and us in their own isolated worlds. In her current exhibition, Hoberman explores more complex pictorial structures in large drawings and one 12-foot oil painting. The results are fantastical scenes of little girls and cats floating amid scattered foliage and tumbling over each other without regard for perspective or gravity. Each child's knowing expression is captivating, yet the figures are clearly dissociated from each other no matter how closely they may be situated. Hoberman's distorted, dream-like environments transform snapshot memories into not-so-innocent panoramas of a contemporary Alice in Wonderland reality.


Nicky Hoberman has exhibited internationally and are represented in numerous private and public collections.