Giles Lyon

April 1 – May 15, 2004

Press Release

Giles Lyon
May 20 - June 26, 2004

The four recent paintings by Giles Lyon on exhibition in the Front Gallery attest to the artist's continued exploration into the process of painting and a personal abstract topography. Spills, splatters and stains are obsessively outlined and accentuated. Layered and encrusted build-ups might include detritus from insects, flowers, and food to the artist's hair and credit cards. Organic compositions of biomorphic nebula and clustered constellations allude to the biological and the cosmological, while comic book colors reference popular culture.


A long lineage and wide range of inspirations are insightfully reconciled to create new relationships between gesture, image and abstraction. Shifting between accidental incident and deliberate delineation, Lyon finds a balance of the chaotic and the controlled, as his paintings slowly coalesce into their own identity. Lyon's paintings exist as a physical mapping of their creation, and the intricate networks of brightly hued fragments and flatly rendered formations offer a kaleidoscope of psychological associations.

Giles Lyon lives and works in Brooklyn and has exhibited nationally and abroad.