Between the Walls

Opening Reception October 20, 2018

October 20 – December 14, 2018

Press Release

TILLOU FINE ART will present Between the Walls, a group exhibition featuring work by 9 female artists: Polina BarskayaRachel GranofskyKeri OldhamColette RobbinsGretchen SchererPolly ShindlerKatie StoutAnn Toebbe and Heeseop Yoon.  The exhibition explores the intimate spaces we live in and the kinetic energy we leave behind. 

From the stylistic creation of a home to unseen histories tucked away - our living spaces are collections of objects and psycho-emotive symbols.  At their best our homes offer comfort, self-reflection and familiarity, at their worst - banality, haunted memories and localized chaos.  Between the Walls explores the homes we create and offers a seismic reading on the anomalies tucked within our four walls.

Gretchen Scherer’s paintings of gilded mansions, hallways and staircases expand and contract like a dream. Drawing directly from vintage antique and home décor magazines, Scherer creates her own interiors- part fantasy and part reality.  For Ann Toebbe, home spaces and their decorative layouts are clues to a larger story.  Her spaces are viewed from above like an architect’s blueprint, yet through nuance and decoration each painting reveals stories about their inhabitants. Similarly, artist Polly Shindler crafts paintings of overstuffed sofas, favorite chairs and bedroom nooks.  Her work speaks to the necessity and pleasure of crafting our home spaces as well as the personality these objects bring to the way we live.  Working in ceramics, Katie Stout’s practice is shaped by an urge to subvert commonplace household objects such as lamps, rugs and mirrors. Her voluptuous figurative ceramic lamps combine dark irony with playful celebration. 


Polina Barskaya’s intimate self-portraits capture the quiet and raw banality of being at home. From the bedroom, to the kitchen, or bathroom, her work expresses the everyday and the spaces we inhabit in the most basic and physical ways.  Also drawing on the everyday, installation artist Heeseop Yoon creates work about forgotten spaces and the clutter we collect. Photographing basements, garages and over-piled closets, Yoon draws chaotic collections of objects then unleashes them in large scale installations. 

Rachel Granofsky’s photographs satirize the staged home imagery found in online real estate websites in NYC. Working without any post-production editing techniques, her work serves as a reminder on the deception present in real estate photography, Instagram-able home imagery and human perception in general.  Keri Oldham’s watercolor paintings depict haunted houses that cross between cabins and crime scenes.  Her work explores the psychic residue of spaces and the trauma a home can hold, even after its inhabitants have moved on.  Utilizing the iconic Rorschach Test, Colette Robbins creates domestic sculptures that invite personal projections. Her inkblot inspired sculptures act as portals to our inner worlds and are portraits of our mental interior ‘home’.