Press Release

Kim Keever is well-known for creating strange and atmospheric photographic images by pouring paint into a 200-gallon tank of water and photographing the colors as they disperse and come back together, creating spontaneous images that evoke earthly clouds while also remaining abstract and alien. The works are mysterious and ephemeral, creating a nuanced and dreamlike space that bridges the real and surreal.  The process produces billowing blossoms and explosive clouds of colors that he must quickly capture with his large-format camera.  


Trained as an engineer, and working briefly for NASA, Kim Keever has been a full-time artist since the mid 1970s. His background in science, and interest in the landscapes of the Hudson River School and German Romantic painters, are what led him to create this unique process of colorful large-scale photographs. Sometimes romantic, and other times eerie, the resulting images evoke a sense of the sublime–– works that feel simultaneously familiar and imagined.


Kim Keever has lived and worked in New York City since he started his career, and has recently relocated to Miami.  He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally, and his work is in numerous collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Hirshhorn Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Chrysler Museum and more. Recent exhibitions of his work in the US include Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, North Carolina Museum of Art, New Britain Museum of American Art and The Figge Museum.